Brayden Horseman & Hobart

Launch Pad has a goal to see the youth that attend our programs, camps and centre succeed in their skills training that they receive here and continue on building upon these skills. We are pleased to say that one of our youth has recently reached this success.

Brayden Horseman from Port Elgin attended Launch Pad 2018 Spring Welding 101 Program. Being a senior in high school Brayden was already aware of what he wanted to do for post-secondary school, and that was to become a millwright. He had already been accepted to Lambton College millwright training course come September. Unfortunately, the way his schedule worked in his last year at high school he was unable to take his school’s welding program, but he was able to come to Launch Pad and attend ours.

Once the program was done Launch Pad received a phone call from Duane Koebel from Hobart here in Hanover and spoke to Erin, our programs manager. He discussed with Erin how busy they were at Hobart, and the need to hire students that were able to do basic welding tasks that would allow their full time workers more time to do the high skilled work. Duane’s main reason for reaching out to Launch Pad and Erin was to see if we have a member that needed a summer job and could do basic welding.

Erin called Jon Bak, the instructor, who then lead us and Duane to Brayden. Jon had stated that Brayden showed great skill and a want to learn throughout the program. Hobart contacted Brayden and asked him to come in for a skills assessment with their welding trainer. After he was done the trainer came to outcome that he is a quick learner and has a great disposition.

Brayden landed a summer job position at Hobart for this summer where he has been able to continue learning and improving upon his welding skills, including learning and running their robotic arm.

“This is how it’s supposed to work… so we have one, more to come.” - Duane Koebel, Hobart.

Launch Pad